The footpaths were extremely congested with people along with their stalls vending packs of dried fruits and nut. The red and yellow heaps of crushed spices were lying everywhere. Opulent and strange fragrances were blending in with the odour of engines, so murky that I could actually taste it in my mouth, like a wave of air blowing inside some glasshouse. The streets are brimming with people, colliding and crashing into each other. You could smell the newly butchered meat hung onto hooks, freshly baked food, malodorous body odours, a bunch of vegetables splattered all over the grimy floor. You could hear the vendors loudly screaming out their special offers with customers negotiating over the prices. People were chatting here and there in clusters with bloated bags dangling into their legs.

It was the usual Friday when I take my grandma to her favourite wool shop that recently got renovated. The shop was sparkling inside and out. It was a large store with a multitude of staff members wearing pristine and bright uniforms. I would say that the shop was more of a society club for all the grannies however my grandma for sure preferred it better compared to any other place. The shop was like a small community of people where all names of the regular customers and visitors were known. Sometimes people would just drop by for a little chit chat and assure that they would definitely buy something the next time. But the shop owner never disapproved of it and was rather friendly and welcoming. It was my first after their reconstruction for which it was closed for a while. I was staggered by the new, fresh appearance of the shop. There was a clubbable entrance rubber mat with their printed logo that was there to greet the incoming customers. They changed the hard wood floors to the soft and cushioned rubber sheet floor.


The floors were immaculate and polished, absolutely spotless. They provided a firm and stable underfoot grip as safety is definitely something crucial for this place. The slip resistant surface guaranteed fall protection and safety against any potential injuries and accidents. By the neat and tidy appearance, you could tell how easily manageable the floor was, enabling a quick and convenient cleaning without the need of an expertise. Usually a high foot traffic can result in scratches and tears on hard floors. However rubber has an enhanced friction coefficient and is designed to bear heavy loads and pressure and still retain the shape. This confounding view made me more exhilarated for the upcoming visit.