Many of the usual flooring solutions like wood, tile and laminate, simply cannot withstand the misery of a moist and damp environment. Bathroom rubber flooring offers the features that other flooring options fail to provide. As self-effacing as it appears, a bathroom is a stage set for mess. The toilet and tiles countertop may seem like your hygienic companions of crime, however when combined with slippery wet floors, these rigid objects could be your worst enemy. Before you choose to ship out your toilet, think about considering bathroom flooring solutions available to you.

Other common bathroom flooring materials like ceramic tiles provide an ease of cleaning, which is as simple as whipping down the surface with a dry towel or rag; however as far as your protection is concerned these are not the ideal bathroom flooring solutions. Their surface is more prone to become slippery under moist or wet conditions which can result in potentially hazardous accidents and falls.




Rubber is the most flexible and versatile bathroom flooring material mainly because rubber doesn’t compromise any durability, easy installation or the appearance. Following are the five reasons why rubber makes an ideal choice for your wet bathroom:

Protection: Naturally comprising of a high degree of friction, rubber provides an anti-slip surface. Bathrooms are usually humid and moist, but rubber maintains a high degree of traction even under such circumstances. Wet room flooring is also ideal for toddlers who can easily injure themselves by falling on the hard, abrasive floors.

Easy Maintenance: A rubberized surface is extremely easy to clean by simply using a mop with some soap, maintaining a fresh and hygienic environment at all times.

Durability: Unlike surfaces like wood, rubber flooring has the ability to withstand a persistently wet and moist bathroom. Rubber is naturally waterproof and therefore retains its stability under all conditions. Since rubber surface is resistant to the growth and accumulation of fungi or bacteria, it can save you the time and money being wasted in repairs and replacements along with potential health issues.

Convenient Installation: Rubber flooring is incredibly easy to install and doesn’t require an expertise for the job. You don’t have to use the any grimy and messy adhesive a simple double sided tape will get the installation done effectively.

Aesthetically Appeal: Prioritising rubber over other flooring materials does not mean you are sacrificing the performance for appearance. Rubber flooring comes in multiple colours and design patterns.


With all of the exceptional characteristics mentioned above, there is no reason why rubber flooring cannot be stated as an ideal solution for bathrooms. After all, a bathroom is a place that should provide you with peace and comfort rather than being a sight of potential disaster.