Restaurants are place where everybody comes to have some comfort, a restaurant is known for its interior after the food. A good fancy place to eat is all you pay for, restaurants are luxury areas and they require appropriate interior to complement the scrumptious food. Restaurants usually are in competition with each other in terms of interior designing and restaurant flooring. I was also planning to open a new restaurant and I was looking for inspiration in terms of interior designing. There is this international chain of restaurants which grabbed my so much attention, I was wondering why the environment is so soothing and despite being fancy it gives a sense of comfort.

Upon research I found out that this chain of restaurants uses a special form of restaurant rubber flooring generally known as restaurant rubber mats, which gives it a serene calm environment and a clean overall look. I became more curious about this sort of matting and I inquired it from users and from internet as well. I came to know that the restaurant rubber mats are very special in terms of its ultimate qualities; users speak really highly of restaurant rubber flooring. They reported that they have minimized the accidents which happened in kitchens, bathrooms and all over the restaurant due to slippery floors to almost 0.1%, and that’s all because of rubber mats which have the ability to resist the shocks upon falls and they almost diminish the chances of slips thus preventing any serious injury. They report that their crockery has been safe ever since because 90% of the time, none of the plates or glasses broke due to sudden falls. The rubber matting shock absorbing quality has really done wonders.


The users also told me that these mats have excellent drainage ability and for that they are life saver in kitchen and bathrooms of the restaurant as they are used very much there is always a chance of water splash or water leak from any tap. So, the quick drainage ability not only reduces risk of slips but also ensures clean bacteria free environment. Along with all these qualities these mats come in various colors, patterns, designs and sizes, for use as door mats, dining mats, kitchen mats, bathroom mats and many more. These mats offer the finest and hygienic look to restaurant floors which makes them my number one choice for flooring of my restaurant.